Don’t forget to turn off Windows 10 bloat!

Last week I helped out a friend by migrating her Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10. Despite being past the Win7 cuttoff the migration went well and her OEM product key transferred (Thanks Microsoft!). Yesterday I got a text from her asking for help. She said her system would randomly freeze and require a hard reboot every 15-20 minutes. Trouble shooting time.

Suspecting a memory issue, I ran a memory test. All good. Drive (actual an SSD) was healthy too. Worse, I couldn't repeat the fault. 45 minutes of web and Word while watching Task Manager and I couldnt get it to fail. After a restart, I asked her to go through a typical work session. Less than 10 minutes and she got it to lock up. She is a realtor and a lot of the web pages she uses have embedded apps plus she runs G Suite for the majority of her work.

After a restart I launched Task manager again and sorted by CPU usage and was immediately confused by the presence of Photos in the top 3. WTH? I had not launched that and I knew she didnt use it. Sticky Notes showed up. And Game Bar. And that is when I had my "A Ha!" moment. I had forgotten to turn off background apps. Because it was a "fresh" install of Windows 10, EVERYTHING was on (For reference, this was an HP with an i5 5200 but only 4GB of RAM). Tons of background apps, microphone on, web cam on, etc etc. Just to make sure I got everything, I went to the google and came found two really good guides:

10 things to disable in Windows 10

13 Things You Need to Disable in Windows 10 Right Now

Turned everything off and asked her to give it another workout. After 20 minutes of max effort, all good. Left feeling pretty stupid for forgetting in the first place but good that I solved it.

When I got home, I decided to check my gaming machine. Doah! I had gotten all the privacy stuff and forgotten about half the performance stuff. Being a desktop had masked most of the issues since I had plenty of RAM and processor power but still, I had these vampires sucking away my performance. Im going to run benchmarks when I get home tonight but everything felt snappier even just clicking around.

So, check your system! You might get a free boost to performance!

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