Q&A/AMA/Discussion – Can You Trust Kurzgesagt?

Ohai! We’re doing this sort of Q&A/AMA or whatever, because of todays video about trust. And because we are about to delete two of our most watched videos, with a total of 31 million views. Here is the video if you haven't watched it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtUAAXe_0VI

Since it seems relevant in this context, here is a brief personal background of who you are talking to:

My name is Philipp Dettmer and I started Kurzgesagt in early 2013. I always had a complicated relationship to learning and how knowledge is presented, so I studied Information design and infographics to do my own thing one day. Kurzgesagt was my personal passion project after finishing university and is the best job that I can imagine. Nowadays, aside from CEO stuff, I’m doing two things at Kurzgesagt: Being the main writer and editor for our scripts and doing creative and art direction for our videos and channel as a whole. This means everything in a video needs to pass me. Which also means every mistake we make is my responsibility.

Joining me today is Philip Laibacher, u/milchritter, one of our heads of illustration. He was the first full time employee of Kurzgesagt and is one of our original core team members. He is also majorly responsible for the fact that our videos are as beautiful as they are today, since he slowly took over the illustration side of the channel from me and developed it further. His passion was and still is a major driver of the quality over quantity thing we are trying to do.

We’ll try to be around on this beautiful sunny Sunday to answer your questions about whatever is on your mind. Also a bit on Monday. After that we’ll archive this post and get back to work. Some time in the future we may do a proper AMA or something. Today is really meant as a device to enable you guys to ask questions after our Trust Video.

So ask away and upvote interesting questions, we’ll try to check in with this thread every 1-2 hours and answer a few questions.

Obviously: Please be civil.

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