Youtuber makes video exposing broken game mechanics, gets globally banned by game developers (Studio Wildcard)

A popular ARK youtuber, H.O.D Gaming, recently made a video exposing some of ARK's glitches that have been in the game for years. Because of the nature of the game (a PvP survival game) these bugs let people destroy other player's thousands of hours of work in just a few minutes.

As a response to this video, the developers of ARK have globally banned one of their most dedicated content creators.

This is an issue that players have been trying to get fixed for 2 years, that's right TWO YEARS. The only way to get something done about this is go public and put Studio Wildcard under fire.

Just to clear it up, HOD never used these exploits on online servers, the only thing he did is demonstrate them on a singleplayer game.

If you have bought the game consider leaving a negative review if you have been affected by these bugs.

EDIT – Some more videos about this from the ARK community for people who are interested:–0qDU

TL:DR – Youtuber tries to fix exploits by making it public, gets banned by the game devs.

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